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Do you know the feeling when you have a lot at stake, the road seems dim, and you know you have to take a leap of faith, but the fear of failure paralyzes you. So you go half in, you take a step forward but still hold on to that rail.

This week I noticed that that was what I have done. I read a chapter about Doubt in Brendon Burchard’s book ’The Motivation Manifesto’, and I noticed what I had been telling myself when faced with decisions – either tough life questions or just minor ones that somehow would have an impact on my life. I had asked myself:

”What if…it doesn’t work out?

What if…I can’t handle it?

What if…I’m not good enough?

What if…they don’t like me?

What if…I lose?

What if…I can’t turn back?

What if…they take advantage of me?”

Even though I know personal development and growth take time and constant awareness, it still took me aback that I continue to stand in my own way. But then again I know, that growth comes from a battle of the same questions and issues over and over until one gets it. What happened in the next second was life changing. Suddenly the enormous potential of asking the opposite questions unveiled – what if I from now on would ask myself…

What if…it works out?

What if…I can do it?

What if…I am great?

What if…they love me?

What if…I win?

What if…I am free to choose again later?

What if…it is the perfect opportunity we all have been seeking?

…and not think about a possible negative outcome?

I knew this was what I had to do. Just as Brendon Burchard writes, ’It is the allowance and repetition of doubtful questions that stall most people from living free and fulfilling lives’, it will take just as much or more conscious allowance and repetition to change the old habit. The very next morning I started to take daily actions to change this behavior, and what a change of energy it was! I won’t turn back from this!

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