Last night I had dinner with a friend who told me about Steven Speilberg saying that your life purpose is often actually found through a whisper rather than a loud voice telling you where you should be going. That things are more gradual. I love that idea as where I am right now isn’ necessarily […]


365 days with the beads

Wow, we have done our first year of The Bead Movement. It’s been 365 beads moved from one jar to another. I’ve been moving beads in the state of fear, anxiety, sadness, happiness, love, and in pure bliss and gratefulness. The beads have been with me in the States, Spain, France, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Italy […]


Johanna’s Week 13

Strong – Health Scare Part 1 (I got the results, 100% healthy) The word ‘Strong’ came up with one of the beads Tuesday morning, and it couldn’t have been more appropriate. I don’t know when, but at least a few months ago, I discovered a lump in my throat. It’s not visible, but obvious when […]


Mhairi’s Week Ten

Let it come to you. Listen: Sometimes I find it hard to realize that I don’t need to keep pushing something in order for it to happen anyway. Not sure if that’s from a place of insecurity or lack of trust in life that the road will come upto meet me. But the bottom […]

bead main photo

Mhairi’s Week Five

The not neon week This week was like being beneath the hood of a car and tinkering. Traditionally for me post show or post shoot it can be a little flat. I find it can be hard to manage myself and my energy and possibly in the future, I should plan a trip to Hawaii […]

1st bead

Mhairi’s Week One

The night before what felt like Christmas was a Thursday night. I had had issues with my beads and didn’t know how I was going to verify the number. I wanted precision. One of the things the beads are already impacting my life with, is that I want to lead a precise life. I don’t […]


Mhairi buys the jar

Luckily Johanna had mentioned about the dust to me, otherwise I would never have considered the need for a lid on the jar to hold my beads. I hadn’t considered either how tricky it would be to find a container beautiful and big enough to hold all my beads. I needed something that would be […]

Utö feature

Johanna buys the jar

So back in Stockholm, after a week of vacation in the beautiful Stockholm archipelago, it was time to buy the jars for the beads. The idea was to have two equal jars, and I was on a serious hunt for that special, perfect jar. That beautiful jar, that will preciously hold my life (in its […]


Mhairi buying her beads.

I had absolutely no idea what kind of beads I was going to get. Unlike the pencil skirts, I had not spent evenings in baths thinking about the beads of the world. Living in LA is useful when one embarks on a shopping trip to buy massive amounts of something. The fashion district was made […]

The Bead Movement

Johanna buying her beads

July 15 was the day Mhairi and I drove downtown Los Angeles to the Fashion District to go bead hunting. Almost immediately after we entered the first bead store I felt a bit overwhelmed and dizzy. First I thought it was because of the heat, so I kept drinking water to hydrate. But then I […]