Mhairi’s Week Five

The not neon week

This week was like being beneath the hood of a car and tinkering. Traditionally for me post show or post shoot it can be a little flat. I find it can be hard to manage myself and my energy and possibly in the future, I should plan a trip to Hawaii or something a little like a honeymoon…where you almost have to get away just so you can calm down post major event and sip umbrella-ed cocktails and such.

Instead of languishing with a pineapple infused mai tai somewhere staring out at the deep blue ocean, the beads and their improvement on my life demands continued apace. Sticking to the theme of tackling weak areas of my life head on translated into a make up lesson. I am traditionally not very patient in this area and as my producing partner Holly says on repeat as she curls my hair for every shoot- as I proclaim for the millioneth time that I just am not very good with curling irons and things-that she believes that I just don’t want to know about it- which may in fact be quite true to be honest. Anyway this is the season in my life where I tackle it all, all the grey areas; pensions and make up. So I filmed a make up artist teaching me how to contour up the eyes and cheeks with bronzer… and in true style I recorded the models shoulder and missed the face entirely so have to literally make up the make up. Despite this initial hiccup I do feel empowered much in the same way as I did post financial advisor meeting.

The bead journey is bringing intention into all areas of my life. This tends to make it a rather Technicolor experience and when, quite naturally, I slip for a few days into a more relaxed state rather than an action state, is it possible to retain that sense of intention when all that sounds enticing is lying in bed watching French films? Not doing much with my time translates into feeling a little guilty; as if I’m somehow not taking 100% advantage of my life.

beads 3

There’s a certain amount of pressure which comes with seeking to squeeze every last drop of life from your days…it can feel a waste to just simply sit and stare into space or watch another French movie on Netflix.

Both Johanna and I have had conversations to this effect, in some ways the beads can make you feel that you have to be vibrant and neon all the time which is an impossibility to live up to to be honest. I often think of the fact you can’t have day without night, and so the days aren’t always going to shine and that’s OK. Whatever happens, rain or shine, I simply want to be present for the ride.

beads 1

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  • Michele October 6, 2014 Reply

    Heard a statement recently that if you enjoy the time you are wasting, you are not wasting it.
    Perceptive. We all need to let down and just plain enjoy ourselves, whether with a netflix French film or whatever.

    • JMbeads November 8, 2014 Reply

      Yes very true. I guess it all comes down to what you definition of time wasting or time efficiency is. thanks for reading, and happy time wasting!

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