Mhairi’s Week Ten


Let it come to you. Listen:

Sometimes I find it hard to realize that I don’t need to keep pushing something in order for it to happen anyway. Not sure if that’s from a place of insecurity or lack of trust in life that the road will come upto meet me. But the bottom line is, I have now come to believe, as the song says, that the world can turn without me tonight. The sun will still set and rise and waves will still ebb and flow.


This week I was waiting for responses from 2 different people, one personal and one professional. The Waiting Room for me is a room I try to avoid spending too much time in but inevitably sometimes I find myself there. Patience isn’t a strong suit of mine and my natural inclination is to push, to try to instigate a response from someone for fear that otherwise it simply won’t be done. I challenged myself this week on that…whats the worst that can happen if these two people never got back in touch? Well, it wasn’t meant to be. Someone told me recently that he never wants to force or worry too much about someone who doesn’t want to be in his life, they either want to be, in which case they make an effort towards being in it, or they’re simply not interested enough and they’re not in your life.  Simple as that. No point in trying to force/persuade someone to be. That’s not going to work out well for anyone. Instead I suddenly thought, well what if this is merely a sign that I am on the right path, and whether or not these amazing opportunities work out with these particlaur people, that’s neither here nor there but instead, what is important, is that these kind of key, exciting possibilities are coming towards me and when its right it will fit/work without any undue effort/anxiety on my part. In effect I am trying to relax more and not force.

As a side note I met 2 movie stars quite unexpectedly this week which I will add to the list of signs that I am on the right path. I often think of my life like a level in a video game. All around me I have things that can take me to the next level or cause me to slip down a level or two and peppered everywhere are signs supporting my decisions. The trick is to open my eyes and read them for what they are instead of trying to force them into perhaps being more than what they actually are for me at this time. Ah well, turns out I may not reach serious levels of all knowing wisdom by christmas time after all, but at least I feel I’m headed in the right direction.

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