What if you are living your dream?

For the past two months I have been working with a really great coach. We have weekly talks, I have home work every week, and for the past weeks we have had daily check-ins. In our latest session she said, “What if you already are living your dream life?” I was like “What do you mean? […]


fear vs intuition

I was away for a 2-day workshop with a coach this week, and as I was working on my vision for my life and business, something unexpected happened. The last piece to my giant vision puzzle fell on it’s place. It was something I hadn’t expected to be a part of my professional life, not […]

Honesty and things

Eye test. I am so squeamish that an eye test was certainly not on my to do list while on holiday in Scotland, but due to recent streaming eyes and bright lights causing me to stare down at my feet I was forced into testing and seeing whats what. I, like most people, have a […]