What if you are living your dream?

For the past two months I have been working with a really great coach. We have weekly talks, I have home work every week, and for the past weeks we have had daily check-ins. In our latest session she said, “What if you already are living your dream life?”

I was like “What do you mean? I am no way close?!” But then we talked about it. And for the past 2 months, one part of many, has been to paint my ideal life; what I am striving for to have, be and do. Of course I am not living that dream life already,but I am living my ideal life on a sub level.

I have for the past two months infused my life with a lot of what I want my dream life to be. I don’t yet have my Spanish villa, but I am spending time in Spain, and while there me and my boyfriend found the neighborhood we want to buy an apartment in. So now I have a very clear picture of what I am saving money for. I am not either at the financial level I want to be, but I am getting great and fulfilling work as a writer, script/story consultant and speaker (and I can see that I will get there). Nothing of this is due to luck or accidental opportunities, during these past two months I have not only been putting myself out there in a bigger way, I have also been taken better care of myself. It’s both an inner and outer journey at once. I don’t at all believe in hustling our way to success, I want to live my dream, and I don’t believe that I can do my best unless I give myself the best circumstances to do so. But of course I work hard for it, I am not a lazy hippie in a hammock.
Sometimes it requires me to take really bold action. Sometimes it requires no action at all, but instead to sit and reflect on what I am doing, and also to question my actions, and where I am going, and most of all, why I am doing what I am doing. Inner and outer journey. Always.

So when my coach looked at me and said: “It’s time to enjoy it!”, I was a bit shocked because I hadn’t even thought that I was right on the path towards my dream life. And before new pressure, stress, and responsibilities walk in (because that is what happens when you step up the ladder) I just simply have to enjoy it. Best homework ever. And hard… But so so very important!

In what ways, or in which areas are you actually feeling good? What is working? You might not yet be exactly living your dream yet, but can you see that this might be a lower kind of level in the computer game called life?


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