Mhairi’s week 13


The one thing you can rely on is that change is inevitable. It seems that this is the one constant in life that is really tricky to get used to, to be honest. Just when something can feel solid, something shifts. For me I think the key is to be strong in my center and to be able to change along with the change. Like the hawk, constantly making tiny adjustments to retain flight and not go dropping down out of the sky.

The metro line 1 in Paris always reminds me of this need to constantly shift weight in order to deal with a shifting floor underfoot. It’s a long subway train with no separate cars instead the whole train is open. In between the ‘cars’ instead of walls or doors, you can stand on a platform that is constantly shifting as the train moves. In order to keep from falling you must continually readjust your balance.

This change came in a work relationship this week and at first I did get thrown and it did take me a moment to gather myself. I had to remind myself constantly of the cliché “that everything happens for a reason” and although I know that to be true, it can still be a painful adjustment to let go of your own idea of how things should go.

One thing the beads have given me is the idea of self-reliance. As long as I am still breathing and standing I can carry on, come what may around me. That’s a key thing to remember, that as people come and go and as circumstances change, I must be prepared to go with the flow and not to fall with the altering landscape.

I heard someone recently say “thank you for sharing a bit of your life with me”. I am trying to adopt that into all my relationships. Instead of worrying when people shift and possibly go, being thankful that I got to share a little of their life’s journey. We can never own other people, or control their behavior; being able to let that go has been incredibly liberating.

I think starting the day with a quiet meditation and an intention has given me an inner strength that has enabled me not to be impenetrable of what comes towards me, but to be able to bounce back to myself a little bit quicker.

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