Mhairi’s week 12


Recently when I was on a hike up a canyon I watched a hawk circulate. Being a mime and having studied the nuance of animal movements in Paris I began to imitate the birds flight. The first thing I noticed was its incredibly focus; a tiny shift of a wing determines the direction and the outcome. It glides gracefully, seemingly with such ease. Through simulating the bird, I realized how strong the wings are where they are attached to the body. Having that strength allows the hawk to operate with integrity and with a sense of serenity. Far removed from the manic chicken. Which operates at the other end of the scale; with perpetual quick, erratic movements.

I thought about how we can often look at someone and perceive them to be simply floating through life effortlessly. I believe that in order to ‘float through life’ one must first cultivate a strong center. Focusing on a daily intention brings clarity to what my center is and what my parameters are.

That the concept of working from the inside out as opposed to the outside in can be reflected not only within ourselves but also within our relationships is a new realization to me. Recently people have approached me to ask my advice on finding a producing partner. My partner in Feathers and Toast has been borne out of an extremely close friendship which organically evolved into including a business relationship. What makes our partnership so special is that our end goal is the success of the show which is built on a foundation of solid friendship. Egos, and fear stemming from ego, have never darkened our door; like hawks we have a further reaching vision than just our own ends.

My goal in life is to build from the heart outwards; for me that is what constitutes success and what blurs the line between personal and professional life. I believe by focusing purely on cultivating honest relationships, first with oneself and then with others will ensure that success in other areas will come. Just as the hawk glides, I am aiming for a calm, serene and graceful life.



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  • Michele November 23, 2014 Reply

    May the Lord bless you as you pursue this noble ambition.

  • Mhairi January 11, 2015 Reply

    Thank you so much!

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