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Being a mime I tend to think I have a good ability to master my own physical self. So spilling half a packet of frozen organic peas all over the floor was a little bit of a surprise to me to be honest. Not that I am above spillages and things but they are not a normal ocurance with me. I would not say that by definition I am a clumsy person. Especially when it comes to my dinner;  I do tend to have the ability to keep a firm grip on whatever I’m about to eat.

Anyway, so the peas went everywhere while I was cooking lunch. Dinner a few hours later saw me drop half a baked potato onto the ground. I actually did wonder if I was perhaps having a mini stroke or something. It seemed beyond me to hold onto anything.

I wrote about it on my FB status and someone commented to look out for meat dropping the next day in which case  I could just sit down and eat a balanced meal from off my kitchen floor. Well, the very next day I woke up, was crouching down to switch my alarm off, read a message about an unexpected interview that was taking place that morning, stood up and promptly fainted. Whacking my head on the wall. I was the meat on the floor it seemed.

That day sped at such a mental speed I didn’t even have time to find socks to wear so went barefoot in Hollywood in the afternoon, having finished 2 scripts, done a 90 minute interview, recorded a VO for 2 hours and bought a small christmas tree with my grandmother. I did feel out of control and that things were coming in thick and fast and how could they be managed?  The thing is, all the incoming things were amazing things, great wonderful opportunities, new possibilities, job offers, really I didn’t want them to stop racing in towards me…even if I did lose a few peas along the way.

I got to the end of the week intact and vaguely smiling although I could tell at the end of the last Christmas party that my make up was a little forced, my smile a little thin and my conversation waning…that I limped over the finish line but I did get there. I don’t really know what lesson or deep insight I can garner right now from all of this. I don’t know how to do it a different way. In my line of work it is so often a case of make hay when the sun shines and things that I don’t want to sit back on my laurels when opportunities come in. I guess it’s a case of doing as one would do on a roller coaster, smiling and letting go and barefoot with pea spillages or not, enjoying the ride. PS totally fine post faint, thanks for asking.


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  • Michele January 11, 2015 Reply

    Careful not to drop a glass or you might get shards in those pretty bare feet.
    On a different note the radio is blaring out Jacob and Sons and I am transported back to a certain tape of Joseph, a few years ago… and the birth of a dream that goes on …

    • Mhairi January 17, 2015 Reply

      Yes thanks for that, will make sure when carrying all things glass I am extra prudent.

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