For the first christmas home in 5 years, the first one all together as a family for 7 and the first one ever on earth with my 3 month old niece. It was a momentous holiday. Sometimes I think of things in color or in terms of a phrase, word or single sentiment. Honestly for me the only word I would use to describe this festve period would be love.

Christmas is tradition and that was in spades this year. Despite a hiccup with the cookies mysteriously being crisp instead of chewy, and the christmas tree leaning precariously to one side, sparking the theme of the holiday to be named The Ghetto Christmas, things were as they should be. We may not make Homes and Gardens magazines and such but we weren’t aiming for a glossy cover spread anyway.


No big revelations to report back on from this week. The only thing I can really honestly say is how incredibly grateful I am to belong to such a supportive wild family who is proud to hang a flag up of themselves above the dining room table. But surely thats a tradition that most families uphold?



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