Love of Listening

Love challenge week 2 means that this week we were focused on loving people in our lives more. I was thinking about what this actually means, and obviously it can mean different things to different people at different times. But for me this week I chose to focus on the act of listening.

The way we live can feel so fast paced and reactionary that the pure and simple idea of listening to someone and really taking them in is something rarely practiced. Even last night, out with friends who were photographing anything and everything to keep up with social media updates and things, we struggled to even look at each other, let alone listen to each other. So much competes for our attention that even when with people we place barriers between us and them.

Anyway, without wanting to fall down the bleak hole of commenting on the way we’re becoming more and more separate from each other, I simply wanted to take a moment to pay attention to people more. To give the person in front of me my full attention. Trying to put into practice that statement that we were born with two ears and one mouth, all the better to hear people with rather than be a constant stream of banging on. Giving someone your full attention;  you are giving the person respect, importance and time. You are putting their needs above yours. And with that ladies and gentlemen, happy listening to one another and Happy Valentine’s Day.



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