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It’s one of those weeks when I am working 7 days a week from early morning to late night. I have the privilege of having a whole lot of work at the moment, and it has forced me to turn down a few things in order to get the most important things done in time.

It started last week after having had a serious look at my schedule, and I noticed that it would be tight, or if I’m totally honest – impossible, to be able to keep working on all the projects I am involved in at the moment. So to those I didn’t have a non negotiable deadline with, I asked to pause our work. What I noticed was how hard I thought this process of asking was. Rescheduling turned out to be a fear instigator. I dislike being a burden and I fear being the difficult one. I noticed how it somehow felt like a failure that I couldn’t fit it all into the schedule, when in fact I was lucky to get amazing work (most probably not for being a failure). But then I realized, every choice we make is a possible fear starter. It’s what the ego does to us, it keeps asking us whether we are truly sure or not. Out mission is to say yes and turn our backs against fear.

Despite the fear of being the difficult one, I knew I had take action. One thing that definitely has shifted for me during 2015 is to be more impeccable with my time. I have started to value my time in a whole new way. Time for me means either an income/money or soft values like friendship, love or family etc. Time isn’t time to be wasted. I don’t just have time,  I need to value it, be precious with it. It’s something easily lost.

So knowing it would be a hectic week I needed to make sure, that I at least got a few hours here and there to get down time, and to have the opportunity to spend time with those I love (at least for dinner). Because what I have learnt this year is that if I don’t get that time, the hectic work is not worth it. I need the balance to perform at my best. And when I realized that my work and personal life were linked this way, the choice to choose balance became a key factor in my professional life.

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