The Eagle


The end of the year has had me run a little ragged. It can be a challenge to find stillness not only physically but also within my mind when I’ve been so chaotic but the wild ride of clearing a house, writing and recording 4 episodes of a TV show, finding a plumber and unpacking boxes in my own house all the while searching for adaptor plugs and things for my trip home to the UK on Monday will soon melt away into the roaring fires and christmas cookies at home.

I find I hit a danger wall when I’ve been so busy and like something I read somewhere when a man who had a very busy day in front of him said “I’ll have to meditate twice as long to get through it” I feel its doubly important to take the time, even if it is just 5 minutes to close my eyes and reconnect with the bigger picture.

I talk a lot in my show, my vlog and in general about the eagle and the chicken. Striving constantly to be the eagle, to see the bigger picture and to make calm focused decisions. Its amazing how often I am challenged on this and take a little nosedive down to the muck with the squawking chickens. Anyway, am looking forward to a break and regaining strength, perspective and my eagle vision. Hope this finds you too at a juncture where you can breathe a little deeper and let go rather than the push and pull of the usual days.


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