The years end


With the drawing out of the end of the year comes the end of an era for me and my family. As we get ready to sell my grandmothers house we have been painting and clearing like wild animals over the past 10 days or so culminating in sorts today at a garage sale which began at 6.30 am and which is why this blog entry will be a short one. I just wanted to say that we don’t need too much stuff at the end of the day. A friend said recently that she cleared out her house by looking at each object and considering whether she had a good or bad memory associated with it and getting rid of anything that didn’t make her heart sing. Then if her heart did sing she asked herself the question of whether or not she still has use for it. She even managed to let go of some clothes which had been passed onto her from her mother as she realized that although she had a good memory with them she could let them go now. We can drown ourselves in stuff which can be detrimental to our own equilibrium nevermind the serious work of garage saling or craiglisting it when you’re tired and unable to think clearly about the value of things. Far better perhaps to purge more regularly, for a lighter head, heart and a less frantic house.

A friend of mine whose a photographer noted that painting are arranged in a museum with white generally on the walls and surrounded the paintings. In that way the paintings can breathe and the viewer can really take it in without an interference from another painting encroaching from too close by. Perhaps its the same with our stuff, the less we have the more we can appreciate what we do have and can see its value clearly.



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