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What caught my attention this week was something very useful this time of the year when we are busy with Christmas parties and network events. It’s how to be a great conversationalist.

I listened to a podcast and someone spoke of Bill Clinton being a great conversationalist. Apparently people walk away from meeting him with a feeling of having been the center of the universe. Clinton has 4 tips for achieving this, and I just wanted to share them as a perfect reminder.

1. Square up. Clinton says to square up to the person in front of you. Stand straight in front of him or her, not letting a shoulder or foot or what ever start to lean towards another part of the room. Make him or her the most important person and face them straight up.

2. Don’t look over their shoulder. It’s easy to start looking around in the room for other people you know or want to meet if you’re at a network event, but don’t! Because what that says about you is that you don’t really care about the one right in front of you. Be there with this person until you are ready to move on.

3. The 70/30 rule. Listen 70% and talk 30% of the time. Work on becoming a great listener. Engage and ask questions about the person you are with at the moment.

4. Show appreciation right then and there. In general we tend to hold back our genuine appreciation for other people. Don’t! Show it right then and there. Be bold and openhearted – thoughtful and loving comments makes people feel seen.

So with these four simple tips I wanna wish you the best of luck as you go out to mingle. Happy Sunday!

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