New Year’s resolutions or just a fresh start?


I used to be that girl who after midnight on New Year’s Eve (post a few drinks) shouted out a list of goals I knew would have a great impact on my life, but that I never would achieve. It was goals, I for a little while say a month or at tops two, would work really hard to reach, but after a while I totally resigned over. I was the New Year’s Resolutions’ Failure number one. I know, we have all been there.

New Year’s Eve 2012/13 was different. A few months earlier I had came to a huge turning point in my life when I realized I had given up living, and succumbed to a life lived in fear. I found myself looking at myself in the mirror and couldn’t recognize who I had become. Where had that little excited girl I once was gone? I had reached the darkest point in my life, and I knew there was only one way forward. Up.

I set off on a trip for seven weeks and I got my groove back. Since then I have reshaped my life and continue to be on a forever long personal development journey. One of the first things I did was to start to challenge myself through yearly, monthly and weekly goals. Instead of my past New Year’s resolution failures, I took advice from experts who talked about the importance of evaluation. I not only now set goals, but I enforced a yearly (around New Year’s Eve), monthly (when a new month starts) and weekly (Sundays) evaluation time to check what I have done to achieve the goals and what I can do differently in the future to get there. This has been the far most important routine not only for my own health, but also for my business.

Last week I wrote a bit about my birthday routine, and that is the basis for my new New Year routine. What I do after assessing the past, present and future (as in the last blogpost) I start to set new goals for the 7 categories I find important in my life: spirituality, relationships, finance, service to others, career, health and hobbies. Through my monthly and weekly planning of how to achieve the goals and the evaluation of action taken I make sure I stay on track. Of course I miss the mark, sometimes a lot, sometimes not. It’s a weekly, monthly and yearly chance to start fresh, to forgive the mistakes you made and start over.

There is no more shallow New Year’s resolutions in my life only very well thought through plans which forces me to take action which leads to change. The failures I make nowadays are failures I learn from and that I let guide me towards a change which leads me further along the road towards a fulfilling and happy life.

So let’s give up the old resolutions and let’s invite thoughtful action. Happy New Year!

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