Forgetting the beads


Alright, so the fact is that I at several times have forgotten to move my daily bead from one of the jars to the other. It’s not like I don’t see the jar and completely forget it for the simple reason that I didn’t see it… And it’s not like I have skipped my soulful morning rituals either, I have a wonderful, intentional miracle morning with meditation, reading, planning and writing. The truth is that I see my jar every morning and just don’t do it.

Is it perhaps a symbol for something that is going on in my life, and if so of what? This fall has been very busy and yes, at times, I have felt as though I’m just holding on to the ballon not to miss a party – but is it just that? Have I, in fact, been trying to postpone my life, i.e. refused to take out the beads because I didn’t feel like I could live 100% at the moment (that very day)?

During the first year the moving of the daily bead was a process of handling life in the very best way. It was surprisingly life changing, but somewhere along the way it turned into a routine. After a while I formed new habits and routines, and the beads became one of the older habits that at times fell out of my hands (because my focus was somewhere else). Like things do when we don’t pay attention…

This week I have been setting up a massive action plan for my career for 2016, but in order for it to work I will need to be the best me. The only way to achieve that is to make my health, family, relationships, free time, spirituality and personal development a top priority. During 2015 one of the many lessons was that in order for me to enjoy my work I need to enjoy my life (and have time for it). So I might have a master plan for my business, but just as much do I need a master plan for my life. Taking back the bead ritual is one of those action steps, because one thing I know for sure – we can’t cheat life. We only live one moment at a time, and we better make it count. 2015 went by in a heart beat, and I don’t want to feel that I might not have lived it fully.

So cheers to wholehearted and living fully in 2016 – may your dreams come true and may you be happy, healthy and joyous!

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