Usually at this time of year I can teeter into feeling a little blue. Post christmas with family and visiting friends in London coming back to my apartment in Los Angeles without a clear plan of how to achieve what I want to achieve this year can cause me to feel overwhelmed and a little anxious. Not this year though. Instead I am calmly taking my time to work out how I want to live this year; what I did well last year, what I could have done better and how I want to live in 2016.

Its a welcome relief to take my time with this bit. I have a strong feeling I am setting up a plan, like a blueprint for the year and its worth taking a couple of weeks to get clear with that and not just start immediately banging on through the days. I want to lead my life this year, not simply manage it. And leading takes a certain amount of planning. I was reminded about that idea of a ship being even a degree off course and then arriving in China instead of India. I want to make sure I am directing my life according to the course I want it to take.

Have been inspired to really clear out my stuff right now to practically make room for the new stuff to come in. I read about Marie Kondo and am now going through my things asking myself that question: Does this spark joy? and if the answer isn’t a resounding yes then I am chucking it. I want clarity and space for new wonderful things to come into my life and grow this year which obviously can’t take shape with overflowing drawers and mismatched socks.

So there we go darling one week in and I am coming out on top and basically it comes down to the word believe for me. I don’t want past failures to cloud this year; I won’t allow cynicism to drain 2016 of its potential. I want abounding unbridled joy to seep into my days this year and to be released of inhibiting past hesitations and experiences.So there we go. I hope you too are living with excitement and possibility as we speak and that 2016 will propel you to all manner of new and wonderful adventures.

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