The Bigger Picture


This week I have struggled with focusing on the bigger picture. Things have hit fast and furious and reactions and emotions have been high. Just last night I was reminded of something my brother Robbie had told me, that one should imagine circles going out from the heart. The closest circles to your heart are the people closest to you in life, moving out from there, so that new acquaintances operate on the furthest circle from your heart, thus whatever actions they may do which are negative towards you they don’t really penetrate to actually hurt you. I love to think about that as its a question of priority and not allowing myself to be as affected by everyone on the same level.

I also want to think of the word soft. I often say it when I’m teaching as its a good thing to be reminded of. We can run through our days pressed and racing and even if its just to soften our faces as we run, its a good word to have on hand and immediately shifts things. Takes the anxiety out and smooths the edges.

So I am believing we have good wonderful colorful days ahead and in the meantime I will endeavor to keep soft about things.

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