Growing pains

The normal human pattern of growth is a big leap forward where you stretch  and expand far beyond your comfort zone, then another action is sparked – it’s a  pull back to safer grounds. That’s when most people quit their newly tried on routine. They say “It was just not for me”. What in fact happened was that the new routine, the new habit, made them step out of their zone of safety into unknown territory which then sparked a side effect of wanting to hide and take cover for reprisal or blow back. It’s the old cave man’s brain working it’s old patterns. You might feel anxiety or even physical pain for having expanded further than what you thought was possible. And when that pain sets in you want to run for cover.

Forming new habits are in no way easy. It’s a matter of keeping in your conscious mind that the pain you might feel now will go away, and that you just need to keep in mind that what you are striving for will be worth it. And instead of beating yourself up for wanting to run into your cave and hide, take care of yourself. Practice self care is by far the best antidote. Praise yourself for the bold action of setting yourself up for growth. Treat yourself as the great and courageous person you actually are, pat yourself on the back, and love yourself a little more.

Growing pains are natural. Trying to escape them will only make them roar, so allow them to be there. Be proud of them. You are in fact growing. Keep going, you’re on the right track!


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