Growing into balance


It’s fascinating this thing called growth, and this journey of ours into exploring the human heart and soul. I’m in a creative process of developing new exciting things for my business, and I feel a strong shift in how I go about things. Previously I’ve been very logical about things, and since I’m a very analytical person I now know that my brain can get in the way of the truly amazing things. Nowadays I try to be a bit more intuitive in my explorations of what my next right actions will be, and I love it. I notice that as soon as I go with what instincivtly feels right, fear shows up. I recently learned a new way of going about fears which has been amazingly freeing, and a breakthrough point when it comes to being creative and entrepreneurial. Of course I don’t just jump off a cliff, I examine the facts, but I hold on tight to what feels good, true and right.

What I actually am dealing with right now is integrating the masculine characteristics, actions, and methods (that I’ve been living in/with for a bunch of years) with the feminine ones (that I’ve set aside to create a career). I feel I have seriously deprived my feminine side for too long, and I also feel it’s the right way for me to go about things from now on. I truly need balance, whether it is between the masculine and feminine sides of me, or between work and life, nature and the city. I seek balance, purity, clarity and fulfillment over hustling, busyness and stress.

What are you facing?

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