This week’s creative constipation

For years I have been pulled towards an idea for a new project. Every time the idea has popped up in my head I have felt this strong need to tell it, and every time I’ve walked right into a wall unable to find a way through the story. This week I found out why, and unblocked myself.

This story is very important to me. It brings up all kinds of fears – like what will people say, what if I will fail, what if it’s not that good… Since I want this story to be really great, I have been putting tons of pressure on myself for creating a story that was all that. Almost like I wanted to make it failure proof before I started. What happens at least to me then is that I go to the logical side of my brain. Since I am about to fictionalize a true story (based on my own story) I wanted to create a fictional story where the real emotions and experiences could take place. But when I used the logical side of my brain trying to fictionalize it, every time I disconnected myself from the story. If you want to go real deep here, I tried to escape the real story because I was afraid to face it – and thus I would have the perfect set up for a real failure. Because if I am not brave enough to face the story, how on earth will I be able to convey it to the reader?

Here is where the power of a coach comes in. One who can help ask the right questions and move us past our ego’s rational behavior. So during this week’s session with my brilliant coach I uttered the keyword myself – I just need to go with the “TRUTH”, I said. Whether that will be the exact truth of what happened, or just being truthful towards the feelings I experienced during this time in my life, it doesn’t really matter. But TRUTH will be my motto going forward. So the next day when I sat down by my computer, and opened a brand new document for this project – everything unlocked. And the FLOW everyone talks about appeared.


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