Happy Easter

Someone asked the question the other day “And what if it was easy?” on the same day a good friend of mine called me to ask a question about how much she should charge for a voice over job. When I told her what I thought she panicked thinking it was too much to ask. I thought it was a question of valuing yourself and your worth and not being afraid to ask for it. An ex told me once “don’t get addicted to the struggle”. That haunts me as I think its so true. I can run from one thing to the next and what progress is being made? Maybe things can come easier than we think sometimes and maybe it is worth pausing and thinking of what we think of our own intrinsic value. As I said to my friend who worried about the rate, other people are asking for this and getting it, why don’t you think you deserve it too? I really struggle often with this idea, of accepting my lot and not really believing perhaps that things will improve and that its not just ‘other people’ who revel in success, I can too. This Easter I want to bring about a change in my mindset of anything is possible. To quote the brilliant Audrey Hepburn, Nothing is impossible, the word itself has the words I’m possible in it.Happy Easter! Happy time of renewal and change.

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