Why we started

Johanna and I have decided to go back to basics and to remember our original intentions with the bead movement. As per many things in life which are long-or life long projects-sometimes we just keep doing them without checking in and re-evaluating why it was we started in the first place. We started the movement in order to value each day that we have, to make thoughtful choices and to live by the paradigms we set ourselves; such as being brave, living with grace and courage. So helpful even to have talked this through with Johanna the other day as the reminder has already changed the way I’m looking at events and relationships in my life. To remember that I have an intention to live with courage is so useful. Often times I will sense anxiety creeping in and now over the last couple of days when this happens I am more able to draw myself out and to ask myself what I would be thinking, saying, doing in this moment were I to be drawing on courage instead of reacting out of fear. So thats my shift and my theme for this next month, to be working back with the original intentions of the bead movement and to refocus the lens on my life. Hold onto your horses and hats accordingly.


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