Another door will open

It was a warm August morning in 2014 when me and Mhairi scribbled down words, quotes, and principles in our note books at Toast Bakery Cafe on the corner of 3rd street and S Harper ave in Los Angeles. This was the whole reason why we wanted to do the bead movement every morning. We wanted to make sure we would live our lives fully; that the hustle of making or breaking it in the film and television industry wouldn’t take the better out of us. We didn’t want to become one of those people who at the end of our lives would look back and regret not having lived fully.

This morning I found a note in my bead jar, it read:

“Another door will open”

When I sat down to write the principles, words, and quotes to live by sin 2014 I was at a different place than I am now. Not just physically, but emotionally too. This note to myself was written to infuse myself with hope on a day when I needed it. If I one day in the future would find myself in a dark hole, and desperately needed a guiding light out of there, it was created to ignite trust, that things will get better. Today this note sparked a feeling of bliss towards where I am in my life at the moment. It sparked gratefulness to my growth, to Mhairi, to my life as it is now. Who knows what will happen tomorrow, but today I live with a completely different trust/faith. Back then I deeply wanted/ached to trust that my life would turn out okay, today I trust that I will be okay. That tiny shift in being has done a tremendous impact in my life.

So here’s to opening new doors, and happy Sunday!


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