I had a bit of an aha-moment on the matter of Timing after a business meeting recently. I met with a person who I had approached quite a long time ago, but due to massive work loads we couldn’t schedule a meeting until now. The meeting was a result of me branching out to more possible partners. At the meeting it dawns on me that in order for it to lead to a job I in fact needed the experience these past months of ”waiting” had given me. That If I had met with this person when I wanted to, I wouldn’t have been as well suited for the job. But now it was ideal.

Sometimes we are so eager to get where we want to go that we forget that there might be a plan in motion way better than we possibly can foresee. That our individual power is so limited and narrow-minded and it unable us to see beyond our scope. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t work diligently towards our goals, but at least for me it was a sign to trust the process. That no matter if I’m handed instant response or not, I should trust that when the time is right, the perfect thing will come my way. And the only thing I can do in the meantime is to work hard, love a lot and have a beautiful life.


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