Beginner’s Mind


A beginners mind in yoga is something we talk a lot about which basically means being present with where you are today and letting go of any expectations of where you should be based on where you were yesterday. Maybe yesterday you could do a headstand but maybe today you shouldn’t attempt it. Its being cognizant of where exactly you are at this present moment without the pressure of where you ought to be in relation to where you were yesterday. We are not machines, we fluctuate.

I decided to operate from that space for managing my career. Instead of disappearing down into the rabbit hole of thinking where I should be by now and what I should have achieved based on past successes I’m taking stock of where I am and moving forward from a place based in reality rather than on an emotional reality. It can be hard to see things for what they really are, to handle that. Often we hide from it or only see what we want to see. Not having a realistic knowledge of the place where you actually are how can you move forward?

So for me that means taking a class. Having trained for 5 years and worked professionally for years in Europe I resisted spending the time and money on any other courses. But now I see where I am and where I want to be and I can see I need a course to set myself up with the highest chance of success and am signing up.

Even saying that and having a more realistic, humble approach to things feels like an achievement.. It feels a relief to step out of the maelstrom of should bes and emotions and just simply allow myself to be where I am today and be happy with that and proud of it rather than deriding myself. They say that if you set the ships course off by even just 1 degree you’ll end up in Alaska instead of China. So with a humble beginners mind I hope to arrive in China sometime soon, hopefully just in time for tea.

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