Paris perspective


My boyfriend whisked me away to Paris this week for a looong lovely weekend away. There really isn’t anything better than to be swept off one’s feet to the capital of romance and love. Having a croissant for breakfast at a typical Parisian café while people watching, sipping on a glass of Champagne in the early afternoon and strolling the streets of this magic city of lights makes this hopeless romantic very happy. It’s well needed food for my soul right now.

Most of all, as I look back at the month of April, I realize I very much craved a new perspective to get back into myself. As the famous line goes, we all need to go away so we can come back home  –  and that is true on so many levels in my life at this point. I’m doing a few changes both professionally and personally, and during those decisive moments in life one wants to be in perfect balance in order to make the right decisions. Because we all know, if one goes off course with just the tiniest degree one will end up at the totally wrong place.

So that’s what I’m all about this week,  getting back into my own skin while indulging in the french life avec mon amour.

À bientôt, Johanna.

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