It’s not you, it’s me.

I found myself the other day confronted with an email that sent me right to a place of anger, resentment and hurt. I was shaking, my heart beat fast, my muscles cramped. I felt right off the bat used and stripped of what was rightfully mine to have. Ten minutes passed, twenty minutes passed, forty […]



Monday, August 1st will be the 2nd year anniversary of The Bead Movement. What has happened since the beginning? How has it changed my life? With so much, and so much of it has already been talked about here. So instead of focusing on what the beads have brought into my life by way of […]


Lily of the Valley

I’m staying at my mother’s home for a month while she’s away on a trip. To say staying here brings up a lot of feelings and memories is to say the least. Like I said last week, I love being here, but it also brings to the surface one of my biggest fears. For the […]

Tallulah Birthday collage


Well this week was my birthday week and my producing partner Holly knocked me for six. She waited up until after she thought I would have gone to bed on the night before my birthday and then set in motion a plan to involve my family and friends all around the world. She asked people […]


Paris perspective

My boyfriend whisked me away to Paris this week for a looong lovely weekend away. There really isn’t anything better than to be swept off one’s feet to the capital of romance and love. Having a croissant for breakfast at a typical Parisian café while people watching, sipping on a glass of Champagne in the […]


The love challenge

This past month our Love Challenge has made one thing clear to me. Love is PRESENCE. No matter if I pondered self love, love for family and friends or love for strangers – what it all boiled down to was the power of being there for myself and others in the present moment. To SEE […]


Be careful of your words

This week we’re contemplating what the love challenge has brought to us. For me to consider the depth of a word has been eye opening. Words can sometimes be used flippantly and without considering what it actually means. How would I  define love? How does it look to use the word in all my relationships, […]

Love on the 405

This week was focused on loving people who we didn’t know. I had thought that would lead me to think more about women suffering around the world, perhaps write some letters of encouragement to political prisoners and things. What actually happened was translating the idea of loving strangers more into my daily life, which for […]

Love of Listening

Love challenge week 2 means that this week we were focused on loving people in our lives more. I was thinking about what this actually means, and obviously it can mean different things to different people at different times. But for me this week I chose to focus on the act of listening. The way […]

punch the air

All you need is love

Last summer when Johanna and I began this journey together with the beads we simply began. We took our first few steps and had no idea what might happen as a result of popping a bead in a jar every day. We simply had the intention to ensure that we valued everyday that we have […]