The End of Grace and the Beginning of Faith


Last week was the first week that I didn’t manage to write a blog post in almost a year. I was moving my 90 year old grandmother out of her house which she had lived in for 64 years, which is no mean feat as one could imagine. At 11pm when I realized that the wifi wasn’t set up yet in the new place and although I did have the thought that I could write out  my blog on my Iphone I thought about the previous weeks post about giving myself a grace period and I thought  I would take one that very minute and give myself permission to not write a post in my exhausted near catatonic state. Likely nothing wise would have come from me anyway at that point to be honest.

So as June dwindled it seems I was able to put grace into action with my very own self and it felt good. Monthly theme explored and conquered. Thanks very much.

July’s theme is Faith and I am about to spring into action right off the bat with having faith that something amazing is right around the corner. Things have been challenging the past few weeks and although I am a little run rugged at the moment I know that the temptation will be for me to fling myself 100% into ‘doing’ things for work Monday morning, instead I want to take a little distance, take a moment and be calm about planning out my next move. The Eagle not the chicken and simply have faith that the thermals will take me on my journey to a good spot.

I thought last night of something I had read when a man who meditates every morning had realized that he had a very busy day in front of him. Instead of shortening his meditation time he realized he needed to double it as a sort of insurance against the anxiety and stress that was about to demand so much of his energy.We need to have faith that although its perhaps counterintuitive to pause when the going gets tough it is actually what we need to do. Taking a moment to breathe and having faith that the world won’t collapse as we do so.




  • Michele Morrison July 5, 2015 Reply

    Wise words. Thank you.

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