Faith I


Our theme to guide us through July is ’Faith’; a word filled with meaning and a word we both have chosen to lead our lives by. Now is the time to find out what the word at this point actually means to us.

Faith is absolutely linked to religion, but is it synonymous with it? For me it isn’t. To me, faith is a belief in something, and could just as well be a belief in science as a belief in God. Over the years I have been curious about all religions, and I have read a bit about them all, but found none that I felt absolutely at peace with. I’ve always been a seeker and have always had a sense that there is something out there, far greater than me.

I remember when I was 14 and it was time for confirmation and all my friends signed up for it. Most of them were doing it to get the gifts or by tradition, and I remember I just couldn’t do it. Every fiber in my body said no. Despite some critique by relatives I turned it down, because deep down I knew that I wasn’t a Christian. If it was today I might have chosen differently, not because I see myself as a Christian, but for the experience and the knowledge of learning more, and maybe skipped the ceremony at the end. The thing is, I have always seen myself as someone who believes in something, I am just not sure in what.

I believe in something bigger than me, that there is some sort of universal power looking over me. I have a belief in destiny, that we all have assigned roles to play (if we listen to it and let the good guide us) and that there is a higher cause for each and everyone’s existence here on earth. But I also believe in love as the only way to live the life of our dreams and for the higher good for the people around us. I let that faith guide me through life, and it sparks actions to grow as a human being. To become better and greater as a fellow traveller.

Studies on happiness all confirm that people who believe in something are far more happy and content in life than people who only believe in their own power. And that makes me wonder what makes people choose to be non-believers. Especially in Sweden, many people take a stand against religion, and maybe it is because of the tight link between faith and religion that make people take a stand against faith and beliefs.

But for me, it’s not what one believes in that is the important part, it is that one believes. Either if you believe in your own power, a power outside yourself or both. Having a faith, a belief in something, gives meaning to life. At least for me. It makes me strive high, to do something greater and to be better than I was yesterday.


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