Faith II


To a large degree, summertime is for a freelancer synonymous with stress and anxiety. Everyone is waiting for decisions to be made, ie will my show or film get a go ahead. Few decisions are made pre-summer because the decision makers leave for vacation, which leads us freelancers in limbo, and we sometimes don’t know  whether we have work or not during the fall. To head off for a vacation with that on your shoulders can be, mildly put, tricky.

We started the Bead Movement to become more present, and not let life pass us by while being busy with our careers. It is a tool to keep us on track with our dreams and goals and where we are headed, so we can do and live our best each and every day.

Fears have been creeping up on me this week when it comes to work, but having this month’s theme ‘faith’ in mind has been a lifesaver. Faith is to trust that whatever will come next is meant to come. It’s a matter of trusting that I have done the right thing, that I have done the best I could have had, and not to question that or myself. It’s so simple, but somehow quite hard to live by, and yet the only thing that gives peace.

The past six months in my life has been about jumping out into the unknown both professionally and personally. It has felt as living without a safety net, and I have pushed beyond my fears and lived with faith. What I above all need now is to have a break. I need to get grounded again. I need to sit still, be still, to go within and listen. To get myself re-centered so I can make the right decisions come this fall. When knowing that that is the absolute best for me right now, it’s impossible to question it. And just like that, I let the worries go, and I choose to have time off. It’s vacation time, and I have just found myself a chair in the shade. It’s time to replenish, and above me is the clear blue Tuscan sky.


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