Lemon Tart


When I think of listening often i think of it in relation to listening to other people. in some ways it feels like a passive activity; to simply take in what the other person is saying but one of the definitions of the word listen is ‘to make an effort to hear something, to be alert and ready to hear something’ which suggests that more action is involved.

I believe that we have the answers for what we question around us; either within other people who can say something to enlighten/unblock us or from something we may read or watch which inspires us but it takes being open to see that to benefit from it. We have to actively be on the alert to hear it. I love watching documentaries and have recently fallen down the rabbit hole of films about chefs who are world class. I was watching one recently which was about Massimo Bottura, a chef in Italy. He and his pastry chef were about to serve the last 2 slices of lemon tart when his pastry chef tripped up and the slice of tart fell. His face was white as a sheet as there was no other tart in the kitchen with which to replace it. Massimo took one look at it and said its perfect. Something in the tart reminded him of a painting, with the yellow lemon smeared and the crust broken. The chef messed his slice up to and called it Oops, I dropped the Lemon Tart and it became his signature dish. I believe when you are open and listening a perceived mistake might turn out to be just the opportunity you were looking for.


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