What if you are living your dream?

For the past two months I have been working with a really great coach. We have weekly talks, I have home work every week, and for the past weeks we have had daily check-ins. In our latest session she said, “What if you already are living your dream life?” I was like “What do you mean? […]


This week’s creative constipation

For years I have been pulled towards an idea for a new project. Every time the idea has popped up in my head I have felt this strong need to tell it, and every time I’ve walked right into a wall unable to find a way through the story. This week I found out why, […]


As if

What if I would tell you that you actually can be, and do anything in the world? What would you do? Who would you choose to be? This past week I’ve had so many small shift of perception happening. I have started to work with a coach that I’m sure will get me to where […]

Breaking habits

I’ve been in Los Angeles a little over a week, and it’s been all about breaking habits. First, I’m not in my normal surrounding which brings a sense of being a fish out of the water. I love getting that experience, because it makes me grateful for the amazing things I have in my life back home […]

Stora Essingen

Adjusting sails

Have you ever heard about what happens if you are only 1 degree off course? For every mile you travel you will be 92 feet away from your target. And the thing is, I am not up for being 5000 miles off when I look back at my life (thinking what if I did x, y, […]


Remember the fun

A while back I found myself stuck in writing a script. I restarted over and over again, but ended up being stuck at the same place every single time. I got more and more frustrated. My go-to-solution for most problems is always to go out and take a walk, and during this walk I kept […]