It was my birthday this week, and I love to spend this time of year in stillness reflecting on the year passed, and to simmer in what I want for the next. I have come to think that how I spend my birthday is the way I live my life. I have became so much better […]


Return II presence

Much like Mhairi who spends June collecting inspiration which in July will turn into a new plan, do I have a longing to do the same. This spring has been absolutely great, and I have been jumping from one thing to another; often I have been doing several things at the same time. I love it, […]


Thanksgiving Gratitude

Spending the past few months thinking of an intention each morning with grateful being a word which crops up regularly has massively impacted the way I considered the Thanksgiving holiday this year. Growing up with an American mother in the Scottish highlands who marked the occasion every year with as much turkey panache as befits […]