Thanksgiving Gratitude

Spending the past few months thinking of an intention each morning with grateful being a word which crops up regularly has massively impacted the way I considered the Thanksgiving holiday this year. Growing up with an American mother in the Scottish highlands who marked the occasion every year with as much turkey panache as befits the day, I have always celebrated the 4th Thursday of November and have annually vaguely considered the meaning of the holiday…in so much as I’m aware of the pilgrims, native americans, popcorn and such. But never has the meaning resonated as strongly as it did this year. I suddenly felt overwhelmed with gratitude for the people in my life and for the opportunities afforded to me in a way I have never experienced before.


The consistency of meditating on words has transformed a perhaps abstract or floral concept into a daily, tangible actuality. Its given actual relevance to words which I had previously aspired to assimilate into my life. Anyway, without wanting to sound as though I have achieved a new level of all knowing-ness I shall stop right there. I simply wanted to point out that thanks to a small pale pink pearly bead I think I may have finally grasped the real meaning of the Thanksgiving holiday. And with that may I take this opportunity to grandly wish upon you all an incredibly wonderful warm and family filled holiday season. All that and a massive amount of all things sweet and sugar coated.



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