It was my birthday this week, and I love to spend this time of year in stillness reflecting on the year passed, and to simmer in what I want for the next. I have come to think that how I spend my birthday is the way I live my life. I have became so much better at taking care, not only of myself, but also of my time. I feel this year summed up the lessons perfectly, and it also made me see what I want more of in 2017.

I started my birthday with being treated a tasty and hearty breakfast by my love. One of my step kids called and sang Happy Birthday, and my eyes were teary of love. Then I went to work. I am writing on a tv series – so I was in writers meeting with another writer, the producer and the directors. We had a lovely meeting, and I walked out of there feeling visionary and fueled by creativity. I left work early and went to a spa, doing reflection work on 2016, and started being visionary about 2017. When I left the spa to meet my boyfriend to celebrate with Cava and food, I felt such gratitude, love, and awe for life. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. I am blessed with so much love, people, and so many amazing things happening. And the minute I noticed this, I also saw that this is the beautiful award for all the work I have done to get here. Both professionally and personally. The inner and outer work has paid off. It has not been an easy ride to get here, but my heart is filled with overwhelming gratitude.

With gratitude for you being a part of my story this year, Happy Holidays!


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