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Much like Mhairi who spends June collecting inspiration which in July will turn into a new plan, do I have a longing to do the same. This spring has been absolutely great, and I have been jumping from one thing to another; often I have been doing several things at the same time. I love it, but right now I long for a vacation. Not just to have time off from work, but to do the things Mhairi is doing at the moment. Time to collect stuff, let thoughts come up and let them simmer and marinate before I need to act on them.

I am extremely grateful to have embarked on this bead movement journey almost 2 years ago. It has completely shift my life. I live in a whole new awareness of who I am, what I want, and what I need. To know I spend a bead a day makes it easier to make decisions. The presence that I then longed for is present in my daily life today. Even though I might not have the time at the moment to collect stuff, I know that it’s a choice I have made. I choose to spend my time on other things right now that is more important. In July though, I have an intent to dive into it. I’m in charge of my life today. I don’t feel like something or someone else is running the show. I know I am. And that is a feeling of freedom like no other.

My longing to collect inspiration, to have a vacation, a break is still not something I completely put off for my July vacation, because I know I need my breaks now. And that’s truly the magic of these beads. Thanks to the weekly blogs and weekly conversations with Mhairi about our journey, I have become more aware of what I need, and what happens when I don’t meet my needs. I have become so much better at being present in my daily life, which has made take breaks to simmer and marinate every now and then throughout the day. Those moments when I’m in the now absolutely makes my day. Being present, appreciate what I have, and to be grateful for whatever it is that I am feeling big or small – be it work, family, love, nature, the air I breathe or my health – is my best recipe for health. Gratitude and presence is the key for me to stay balanced, no matter what’s going on in life. If I always return to that, I know I’ll be okay.


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