I started this year with a need to rediscover my faith, to rediscover my belief that everything was going to work out. I had struggled with wondering if I would attain the life I dreamed of and I am ending this year full of faith and hope and belief that it is possible and will […]


Wonder: a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar or inexplicable.  For me the word wonder crops up almost only when talking of children she stared in childlike wonder and such but this week when I reflect on it, the word that comes to mind is wonder. I unexpectedly have […]


“Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement you should give thanks for everything.” Ralph Waldo Emerson. Happy Thanksgiving.


Holly told me a few years ago that she had heard a rockstar being interviewed in his 70s and that he had said that now, looking back on his life, everything happened at just the right moment but that when he was in the thick of it it had been impossible to see that. This […]


This week has been like a tsunami of vitriol across all social media platforms, the press, private conversations, the street, banners…despite years of working with Johanna on the Bead Movement, on ourselves, on finding a higher truth, a deeper meaning to things, the tumultuousness and such of this week brought me down to chicken level. […]

Dream BIG

A sentence in a book leapt out at me this week about dreams. About keeping a hold of our big giant wild dreams and how as an adult that can be hard to do. As children we do dream big and as we grow for whatever reason we can be beaten down and our grandiose […]


The next week back from the desert has been a hard adjustment. I think the first few days back I was just jet lagged and getting back into the LA spin of things whereas this week has felt extremely raw. I feel my heart really opened in a massive way in the desert, expanded and […]


Back from the most life changing, incredibly moving, emotional, wild adventure of the FISahara Film Festival. The way my desert adventure happened is what gave it such a truly magical edge. I didn’t just decide on my own steam to go off into the sand dunes, I was literally sent there by all my family […]


This week has brought more work than I’ve had in months and so preparing for a trip to the Sahara desert for the Fisahara film festival has been challenging and squeezed around deadlines and the odd snatched yoga class. All I have done for over a week now has been write, record, eat and sleep. […]


This week was one of those neon infused weeks which occasionally come at you thick and fast which also brought with it the true test of what I have been grappling with all year; surrender and letting go. Thanks to the enormous generosity of my wonderful family and friends who have pooled together to give […]