I started this year with a need to rediscover my faith, to rediscover my belief that everything was going to work out. I had struggled with wondering if I would attain the life I dreamed of and I am ending this year full of faith and hope and belief that it is possible and will happen. When I sit wondering how that came to be, how was it that my faith was restored I keep coming back to the so many wonderful things that happened this year unexpectedly. Suddenly I was being sent by family and friends to Africa and suddenly being sent home for Christmas. Suddenly I received an email and a call from someone in NYC who had been tracking my show for months and now wants to work with us and basically take the show in a whole new exciting direction. I was in the mindset of toil and hard work of pushing a rock up a mountain but I am beginning to understand the letting go part and allowing space for something amazing to come in all the while sitting in faith that something amazing is just on the brink of happening.


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