Restrictions leads to creativity. With a reduction in external stimuli and a change of pace with my own work schedule for the first time since lockdown began I have entered today into the melee of the bread and cake making masses. I made a cake with my 6 year old niece. It was the first time she has ever made a cake and her squeals of delight at the feel of the flour and cocoa powder, at how soft they felt was therapeutic.

This is one of the reasons I wanted to do the bead movement, to attain the be in the moment-ness of life. Experiencing life through different senses can be portals into other ways of being. A couple of years ago I went to see a band who had been my favourite band when I was much younger. I had been hesitant to go because I had seen them live years ago and they were terrible, but the VIP pass I was offered was too much to pass on so my friend and I went, will 0 expectations. They had vastly improved. With the 3 hour set I was transported back to who I was 20 years ago, what I was feeling, my hopes and dreams. I cried listening to some of the songs, was exhilarated with others…so so moved. Taken somewhere where I hadn’t remembered I had lost.

I am buying an incredible perfumed candle this week, for the same reason. To reach a place within which isn’t accessed with my head. Yesterday I lay down under a autumnal leaved tree. Lying under the branches, closing my eyes and opening them to a kaleidoscope of colours. Now I’m on a mission to heighten my other senses as who knows what portals they offer passage into. My external world maybe limited right now, but internally theres a lot to venture forth through, exploring different ways of being by delving into different senses. Exploring different worlds, not just the cerebral one that I often find myself stuck in.

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