I am in this storytelling group that meets once a week which I am finding extremely insightful. It’s about learning how to tell your own story through life and what might be inhibiting you from potentially not living your most 100% genuine life. This week we had to write down the groups in our lives, ie. family, friends from yoga, etc etc and then go through the groups giving a score of between 0 and 10 on how much we actually show up as ourselves in that group. 10 being completely 0 being we hide ourselves in that group. I mean obviously there are some caveats such as decorum and such at work. But I was shocked to see how many groups I only felt that I could score a 5 or 6 in. I realised that when I was 17 and an exchange student in NJ I had made a very sarcastic comment which had been completely misunderstood, as the people I was with took it literally. I realised that that has impacted a lot of my life, as I have lived in Paris, LA, London, Scotland…that I temper myself as I am not sure what the peoples sense of humour is, I don’t want to offend….my friend who is running the group pointed out that it is often the difference and perhaps eccentricity of a person that makes the comedian. so not to diminish or dampen down that side of me but celebrate it. I hadn’t realised that I was censoring myself until just a few days ago. So, am determined now to be more aware of relaxing and being myself in situations rather than second guessing and such. After all one already doesn’t have that many days to live, why waste any of them not living as much as you can 100% as you?

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