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Keep going

This week has been an extreme case of battling so many issues to go into it here would run into reams and reams so suffice to say this past week has seen me challenged on several fronts. One of the things that has kept me going has been an comment from a fan of the […]



So this months theme is about keeping all the balls in the air or for me I had that serious image of holding the reigns of 6 horses as I stand and drive a Roman chariot. Well this week I think my lesson has to be that I still have to take care of myself. […]


Runaway horse

So the thing I have been worried about for years happened this past week. I lost my job. I’m a freelancer but have been fortunate to have had a pretty steady writing and VO gig with some TV shows which have suddenly and without warning left the studio where I was working. I felt immediately […]



I sit at a desk which I keep pretty clutter free post a spell of working in an office whose policy it was to have a clean desk at the end of the day. It is helpful to wake up and come to work with a clean slate, a clean desk. On my desk I […]


Clearing a space

This week has been intense and wonderful and 100 MPH. I read recently that creative people are full on and then they have to lie down quietly. That sums me up to a T. I always thought I was like that because when I was younger I was a sprinter and I thought that that […]



This is the theme this month. Cleanse. For me that means a myriad of things but how I currently translating this is my need to cleanse my schedule of things that may threaten my goals. One can meander through days and weeks saying yes to things and filling a time table but not actually achieve […]



This past week was the last week of Holly and I preparing for pitching and Monday marks the beginning of the next phase which is all about getting in the room to pitch. This entails making phone calls, reaching out to friends of friends, strangers and basically coming up with a network strategy of how […]


An Inspired Life

The definition of the word inspire is ‘to make someone want to do something’. We use the word so liberally, I’m not sure what I thought it meant but for some reason this definition seemed a little basic and a little limiting. I really believe we get what we need and sometimes before we even […]



This month our theme is inspiration. I feel that I’ve had the incredible fortune to have had a mega inspiring week. First off I was in a cabin with my producing partner Holly for 2 days up a mountain to break the back of the pitch for our show. It was a challenging mind acrobatically […]


Usually at this time of year I can teeter into feeling a little blue. Post christmas with family and visiting friends in London coming back to my apartment in Los Angeles without a clear plan of how to achieve what I want to achieve this year can cause me to feel overwhelmed and a little […]