I watched an incredible documentary this week about intuition which stated that 95% of your brain was subconscious and so only 5% was actually rational/ conscious mind. Amazing as we in the West tend to value above all else the rational logical aspects of life and way of seeing the world, thereby forgetting or simply ignoring the remaining 95% of information. Since watching the film I have since been endeavouring to live more in the 95% to be in touch more with how i feel in a certain situation as opposed to how i would logically interpret the situation.

To read a situation or an opportunity through a different lens rather than the logical one. So thats my mission for the next month to live in that space, to investigate, to close my eyes and to see how I feel when reading and email, answering the phone considering an opportunity….to enhance that radar in my life and to leave the rational at the door for a moment. I am investigating a different portal. Watch this intuitive space darling.

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  • Michele Morrison February 26, 2017 Reply

    Watching. xxx

    • Mhairi March 4, 2017 Reply

      Good to know xx

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