Listening. Yesterday spoke to Johanna in Sweden, Robert in London and dropped off hats with Shurie in The Valley and all three at various points in our conversations encouraged me. From Sweden, London and The Valley, words unprovoked lifted me and lit my way of continuing.

Sometimes you don’t know you need encouragement until you get it.I hadn’t woken up blue and bleak. But perhaps intuitively these friends knew that I needed something. It felt like throughout the world I was being held up and lifted. These relationships, as though each relationship was a thread, weaving together to make a blanket and hold me up.

Yesterday afternoon I was doing taxes and normally I would listen to Graham Norton but I had already heard his radio show this week so I typed inspiring podcasts into google and listened to the first one that came up as I highlighted expenses on my credit card statements. The woman talking was talking about when she had been at her lowest ebb, fired, her husband lost hundreds of thousands in failed restaurants, bills mounting, pulling out phone lines from the wall…a low point. Then on a dime things changed. Later on while surfing twitter I came across a blog about how success isn’t always incremental, and one needs to be prepared for that. Things can change massively in just a few days, hours….so by the time I was in my bath last night I felt lifted by words of dear friends, podcasts, blogs…and then I slept 9 hours. And dreamt big, brilliant dreams.

I hadn’t woken up yesterday blue or teetering on a knife edge but somehow perhaps my soul needed to be lifted and it was. So thank you.

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  • Johanna March 5, 2017 Reply

    Anytime Mhairi!

    • Mhairi March 12, 2017 Reply

      Thanks darling. xo

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