Our theme this month is acceptance. Sometimes it can be a tricky thing to embrace and accept where you are. I had a yoga class recently when the teacher talked about most of us pushing our heads forward and leaning forwards as if we are pushing into something else, as if we need to make an enormous effort to move forward. So this month we are delving into being where you are and being OK with that. Very hard to do as a matter of fact as I know that often I can drift mentally into the future at the drop of a hat; wishing things were different or aspiring to new heights, when actually whats needed is to stand on my own two feet where I am right now and be OK with that, without forcing the next step. So this month is dedicated to that idea. Of being where you happen to find yourself at this very moment and being kind and accepting of yourself in that moment. Seeing whats happening around you and daring yourself not to force your way through it but simply be in it and allow the next thing to happen. Trusting that there will be a great thing about to happen and that doesn’t necessarily require mammoth efforts on your part. Relaxing for a moment and learning to breathe in the unknown.


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