Being Still in the unknown


I feel this week I’ve turned a corner within my own mind with regards to fear. Making time in the morning to meditate, do yoga and basically start with a clean, clear slate is really having a profound affect. My mental habits have started to shift, where I would often feel anxious when I thought of money, for example, as I’m freelance and currently not sure where my next paycheck is coming from, now I feel excited about the possibilities of whats about to happen next.

My brother Robbie told me once that if something comes to an end, like a job, or anything really, then rather than fear the loss, embrace it as something even better is about to happen. Often we can madly hang onto something even if it doesn’t entirely serve us anymore, seemingly better the devil we know often rules the roost. Well instead I’m going to hold onto my brothers words and finally feel that I can let go, stand for a moment in the unknown, my head up and not be totally freaked out but instead calm and ready for the next chapter.



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