This is the theme this month. Cleanse. For me that means a myriad of things but how I currently translating this is my need to cleanse my schedule of things that may threaten my goals. One can meander through days and weeks saying yes to things and filling a time table but not actually achieve anything.

So for me cleanse is about being thoughtful and cognizant about my time use. Streamlining and making the best use of my days, running a tight ship. Not a wild militant ship but one that runs going towards the goal and not just putters about in the harbor content to spin in circles.

So I have begun looking at my schedule every Sunday evening and making a theme for the week and goals I have for the whole week. Then every night I write my hourly schedule for the next day. This has helped me to clean out my week and ensure that everything I am doing is going towards achieving the weekly goals. Thereby being able to decide whether or not to see someone, do something has become much easier as it either draws me towards my goals or away from them. I don’t only write work goals, as relationships with family and friends are also extremely important to me and so I write my weekly goals for them too. Time I want to spend with them, cards I may want to write and also my own spiritual goals.

Anyway with all this planning I am trying to retain a sense of calm, order and cleanliness. I’m going through a vulnerable-and at the same time very exciting- moment of my life right now. Really pushing my show into the pitch stage (something I have never done before in my life, pitching) and also putting together other work projects which can keep the rent paid in the interim. Everything I am doing demands focus and faith as there are no guarantees that anything will work out. So all that to say I have to be careful right now that the people I spend time with, the activities I choose to do, all support me in my dreams and don’t deplete me. This brings me back to the whole reason why I was inclined to do the bead movement in the first place: To live thoughtfully and with direction and intent. So there we go, my cleanse begins with a focus on the planning and the careful consideration of people and things in my life. Will tackle the sock drawer and such next week…

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