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I had looked forward to a week of starting to write the rest of my novel. I have earlier written the first third of it, but since it’s my first piece of literature it took me a while to figure out my voice, the tone, and how the story would play out in this new format. I started out great this Monday, only to end up in bed for the rest of the week. Because on Tuesday morning I woke up with a serious cold, with fever and a sore throat. The first day of being sick I felt so bad about staying in bed. I always do. I can feel my time and money ticking. Then at the end of the day, I just needed to stop making things worse for myself. I had no choice but to rest. So I did – until Friday morning when I jumped on a plan to Los Angeles.

I know, not a so bad ending to a week of being sick… but totally off when it comes to my plans and goals. But that’s life sometimes. Things just don’t turn out the way you plan things. Sometimes you just have to let it go. Accept that there is a meaning to it, and start fresh on a brand new day.

A friend of mine just send me a link today to some exercises on a new writing method I got seriously interested in investigating. Maybe that was the point. To take a step back, get some more ease and playfulness into the mix. I know I at times can get to productive which at bad times can leave me creating work that is not as inspired as it needs to be. Maybe this was one of those divine incidents (or events that co-incides as Deepak Chopra says). So instead of beating myself up about not being as productive as I would have wished, I am saying thank you to whatever stopped me. Cause I am damn sure there was a reason.

All the best wishes from LA,


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