It’s you who run your life!


Do you realize the only one holding you back, and weighing you down – is YOU? It’s not your circumstances and it’s not your bagage – it is YOU who decide to let what has happened limit your possibilities.

You might respond to this by thinking that I just don’t understand what you have been through or what you have to deal with in your life. That whatever situation or experience you have (had), have marked you forever, and what I stated is just simply not true for you. That there are actual factors in your life that stops you from living the life you desire.

No, it is you who let those factors run your life.

It’s the weekend of All Saints Day and Halloween, and it always makes me think about what I have been through, and where I am today. It’s a ‘hit pause, and reflect mode’, and what comes out of it today is gratitude.

It has been a long journey and a tough struggle for me to come to peace with the traumas I have experienced in my life. It’s been no mean feat. I came to a point in my life when I, to save myself, had to make a decision that I wouldn’t let what had happened to me rule my life. I also made a conscious choice to question every behavior and habit I had and to challenge the fears the behaviors and habits were based on. It wasn’t a quick fix, it has been a long journey to get here.

When you decide to take a close and clear look at yourself – for who you are, what has happened to you, and what you have chosen so far in your life – it can be tremendously frightening. It might be one of the hardest things you can ever do, because you will need to have faith that on the other side of fear is peace. When facing our traumas, our past conditioning, and our monsters we need to be bold, and bold is hard to be when all you sense is fear. But as long as you are hiding from the enormous potential you have it is impossible to experience the peace that awaits you.

To have the courage to let yourself heal is the greatest gift you can ever give yourself. Don’t ever think that you don’t deserve it, because you do. You are not damaged goods, you are richer because of the lessons you learn.

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  • Mikael November 1, 2015 Reply

    Klokt, precis vad jag behövde höra just nu :)

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